Vaiva – nuostabus zmogus! Esu laiminga sutikusi sia nerealia trenere, kai man labai reikejo palaikymo ir motyvacijos. Rekomenduoju visiems! ?

Fantastic lady, amazing trainer!

Elyta S

Ive always been slim but after having two kids and eating what I want when I want, I noticed things began to ‘wobble’ and some clothing began to feel ‘tight’. And after throwing my clothes on the floor Moaning ‘nothing fits’ or ‘I don’t feel comfortable in that’ I decided I needed to go back to the gym! My husband already goes to Heroes gym and has regular PT’s with Joe Sharman. He suggested I should go and get PTs from Vaiva as that was going to be the only way I stick to it. I hate to say it but he was right. I’ve seen the results both Vaiva and joe get from their hard work and determination and I knew if I really wanted to tone up and see results I’d have to commit. I have two sessions a week with Viava – have done since January 2nd this year. She took all my Measurements, asked me what my goals were and sorted a training and diet plan to suit. Im not going to lie the diet is the hard bit but stick to it and you get results. I’ve lost 8kg since January 2nd and ache in areas I didn’t realise could ache! BUT I feel and look great and that’s thanks to Vaiva. For training me hard and making it enjoyable! If you want to lose weight or tone up then I can’t recommend Vaiva enough. Paying for a PT makes you commit, makes you work hard and ultimately gets the results you want.

Karen M

Vaiva will get you out of your comfort zone and pump you with motivation!
This lady has so much dedication, supports you in everyway, gives advice and guides you through diet, training and lots more! Her passion and knowledge is 5 Stars

Iveta I

Ateina gyvenime laikas, kai tai, ką planavai, tiesiog imi ir PADARAI. Treniruotės neprailgsta dėl pratimų įvairovės ir smagių pašnekesiųDėkui Trenerei Vaivai už kantrybę ir atsidavimą, rūpertingumą ir profesionalumą. Jei dvejojate, ar verta pradėti sportuoti su asmeniniu treneriu drąsiai sakau – TAIP! Ir pradėkite jau šiandien bučkis bučkis.linkiu sėkmės gražuolei trenerei

Daiva V

I had the pleasure of working with Vaiva from January, with the goal of adding more muscle and loose some body fat. She impressed me with her knowledge on fitness and nutrition. I significantly increased my muscle mass, lost my body fat, tripled my strength, and learned invaluable information on nutrition. Vaiva took the time to explain each exercise and ensure my form is correct.I highly recommend Vaiva as a personal trainer.

Jurgita R

Vaiva is very friendly and patient and is a great motivation. Thank you for all the help and advice and pushing me further to achieve my goals. I would recommend vaiva for anyone just starting out or for advanced training

Bozena K


I would highly recommend personal training with Joe. He is an end to all knowledge and will answer any questions you have with regards to training, nutrition and how the body works.
He is always happy to go the extra mile to help you with your diet and training programme.
The benefits speak for themselves…..after 9 days I had dropped 7lbs of body fat and gained 5lbs of lean muscle.

Anna W

Surround yourself with those who challenge you, push you and motivate you. I chose Joe No Excuses Sharman to give me the edge I needed to get my mojo back into training. Joe will give you the tools needed to get you to your goals.

Sara V

Recently joined heroes gym and wanted some personal training.
Was introduced to joe no excuses Sharman who has made me feel totally at ease. The knowledge that joe has certainly fills me with confidence that I will achieve my goals much quicker than I hoped for. Looking forward to the next session.

Paul M

We’ve got a great positive trainer who push us to our limit! You are very observant Joe No Excuses Sharman and you know our abilities better than we think we know our ownDefinitely no cheating with you! Feel awesome after every session as I know you’ve pushed me as far as I can go and I love it! Bring on the pain after today’s sess!!!!

Vaiva B

Having given up using gyms due to a chronic spinal problem which needed corrective surgery, I contacted Joe to see if he could help me get off the sofa and be more independent again. Joe has unrivaled expert knowledge and was able to help me train to increase my overall strength, fitness and also functionality by isolating any problem areas when needed. For the first time in years I was able to train without any pain, and amazingly as a result of his targeted training I also became more mobile again within just a few weeks! Having now had spinal surgery I am now back training with Joe, as I know that I can trust him to help me work within my post-surgery limitations to speed up my recovery. Joe is a fantastic trainer and he perfectly moderates his training style for each session to suit your individual needs, I can’t recommend him highly enough and genuinely look forward to training with him!

Caroline B

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