About No Excuses Personal Training & Viper Personal Training

Who are we?

We are married couple Joe Sharman and Vaiva Sharman. We have been involved in physical exercise for many years. Joe was actively involved with, and excelled at athletics at an early age in school. He later joined the Army where physical exercise was a way of life. It was during his time in the Army that he realised that simply being fit wasn’t enough, and he wanted to change the way his body looked. He made the decision that he wanted achieve a ‘bodybuilder’ look. From that point onwards he has been fanatically seeking knowledge in all aspects of physical culture, particularly exercise, anatomy, nutrition and last but not least the Psychology of achievement. Joe has competed in over 40 bodybuilding shows gaining many titles and high placings.

Vaiva began her Journey in 2014. After loosing a massive 3 stone in weight as a result of comfort eating and lack of exercise, she noticed her body, although slimmer, looked more ‘saggy’ with the loss of weight. She had been under eating and frantically exercising mostly cardio vascular. She joined Heroes Gym to ‘tone up’ and became addicted to changes she was able to achieve with a combination of resistance training and cardio. In 2016 competed in a local bodybuilding competition and was hooked. Since then she has competed in over 20 competitions in both toned figure and athletic figure. Achieving IBFA England title in both Toned 2016 and Athletic 2018, also runner up in NABBA UK Athletic Figure. During her busy competitive career she has also completed her REPs L3 Personal Trainer Certification.

Over the years we have acquired¬†a vast amount of knowledge, but not only theoretical knowledge, we have applied almost every bit of knowledge to our own body’s. We’ve found some things work, others don’t and there is a lot of ‘bad science’ floating around the internet.

What you can expect from us

Firstly you can always expect drive and passion from us. Although this is our business, and we have to pay bills. It is our belief that achieving success in others, and repeating this constantly, means we shouldn’t have to worry about money. We are truly inspired to not only train and advise, but to change all aspects of our clients lives. Aside from our avid interest in physical culture, we have also like to study extensively the phsychology of success, spending most of our spare time reading books, articles and science of the mind connection.

We will like to make training fun, but we promote and expect hard work. Nothing is achieved from being in the comfort zone. Your results depend on how far outside your comfort zone you can go. With our help you will be conquering yourself and your limits.

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