Exercise Intent Purpose

Intent & Purpose of Exercise. Why do we do it?

For everything we cheap jerseys do there has to be an intent or purpose for doing it. Without a purpose you’re just drifting and hoping for something to happen, but will probably not recognise what it is if does happen because you don’t know what that something is.

Once you’ve established your intent, your purpose, your goal or whatever other name you wish to call the place you are moving towards. Intent and purpose must cascade downwards to all aspects required to achieve the main objective.

Firstly. You must define your objective. Then you plan your attack. Unfortunately this is where a lot of people fail. Their initial intent will not be clearly defined and the attack will be most likely be ambushed at the first junction. For example ‘I want to lose a bit of weight and tone up’. This is not clear, how much is a bit of weight, and how toned do you want to be? If you have questions about the initial intent it’s not clearly defined. The attack following such a poorly defined goal, will be just as wishy washy. For example, ‘I will join a gym, do a bit of treadmill, and lift some weights’. Hardly likely you’ll win the war on your fat like округа that!

Once you have defined your purpose, clearly, with no ambiguity. You can then execute a precise plan to achieve it.

Unless you already have previously achieved what you want from an exercise program, and you’re just cheap nfl jerseys repeating a previous success with prior knowledge. You’re going to need to help. You wouldn’t just jump in a car having never driven before, and play with all the knobs and pedals and hoping you’ll hit Christmas the motorway by noon. There are plenty of places to get the help you need. Books, The Internet, word of mouth, or a Personal Trainer. Be very careful of the Internet and what your mates tell you. The internet is full of trolls and keyboard warriors, you have no idea of knowing if you’re getting good or bad advice. Books can be helpful, but I find that I have to read several before I find an Authors style I can read and digest. Personal Trainers also have varying talent. Keep it simple, whatever you choose, ensure the book, internet site, Personal Trainer or Mate has achieved a degree of success in the subject. In short, take advice from those who are where you want to be. No good taking advice from the guy on the bread line if you intend to become financially independent.

OK…So you have your purpose, you’ve got the information, and a plan.

Execution time….Tempted to add pun…but…

This is where the cascade needs to happen. In the Gym, everything you do has to have a purpose or intent. Why are wholesale nfl jerseys you going to do 1hr of treadmill? Why not stationery ½ and hour. Why not the stepper or the bike? Do you train chest, or do you train legs. How often….etc.

Outside the Gym. Your eating has to have intent and purpose. Why are you eating 200g of protein a day? Why are you cutting wholesale nfl jerseys carbohydrates at 7pm?

It goes even further. Once you know why you’re doing whatever exercise you’re doing, and why you’re eating the way your are. Every exercise repetition has to have intent and purpose. You’re not just moving the weight from position A to position B. You need to know how the mechanics of the lift, and specifically, anatomically which muscle you’re targeting. How this muscle works, and it’s function. When you know this, you need to connect the mind to 1999 the muscle, and ensure you maintain absolute discipline throughout the full range of movement. Visualise with intent, each fibre contacting and shortening to intentionally move the weight with mechanical precision.

In summary, once you’ve mastered the art of intentionally moving the body, with resistance, for the purpose of stimulating adaption, at a certain intensity, in order to start a process that you require in order to achieve your greater purpose. When you’re consuming specific macro nutrients at specific times of the day, with the full knowledge and intent of the effects of Senior such foods on the body. Then, and only then, will you be catapulted towards cheap jerseys your main purpose.

Alternatively, you could join a Gym, do a few random exercises, eat random food at random times. Then cross your fingers and hope the Physique Gods are working in your favour, and you wake up one day, surprised at your Hollywood body…..I don’t think so.

Stand by for more ramblings.