Personal Trainers Overtraining

Although progress in body recomposition is by no means an easy task. Too many make a direct distinction between the pain inflicted and the value of a workout.
The body has a finite amount of, not only, recover ability, but also growth potential.
You don’t just want to recover from your workouts, you want an adaptive response to happen.
All too often, PT’s are focused on feeding the misconception that more pain is better, and end up leaving their clients stagnating, or going backwards, as they cannot recover and adapt from the workload.
It is therefore, imperative that, as a PT, you have intent. You know where your client wants to go and everything you do is aimed at helping your client achieve what they are paying you for.
Keep track of everything. Be flexible, yet conscious of why you’re doing what you’re doing when you change. Change based on data gathered, not arbitrarily.
Focus on the task, through results driven activity.

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